Monday, October 29, 2012

The City: Day 29 of 30 Days of Photographs III

With Frankenstorm rapidly approaching, I felt it imperative to brave the rain to document what is happening in my city... and stock up on a few supplies while I am there.  

Nothing says Rochester like Wegman's.  People come from around the world to marvel at the wonders to be found in this supermarket of supermarkets. Alec Baldwin even talks about it when he's on Letterman.  It's a virtual city within a city.  This is the newest addition... my neighborhood store being rebuilt.  It looks like it will even include underground parking.

The bad news... I will have to venture into the 'burbs to shop for my groceries while they close my beloved East Avenue Wegman's for TEN FREAKIN' WEEKS to tear down the old building, create a newer, larger parking lot, and stock the new building.

So forget Frankenstorm... I have to stock up for the ten weeks until my new Wegman's opens!

* * * * * * * * * *

My blogging friends, Michael and Ziva are sponsoring another 30 Days of Photographs challenge.  This is their third version of the challenge and my first attempt to meet it. To see how others have responded to the prompts, check in with Ziva at 30 Days of Photographs III.

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