Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Am One With The Gazelle

So, Friday I was sitting comfortably on a bean bag chair with a couple of the kidlets at school, reading a book about cheetahs. The mother cheetah had tucked her cubs safely away in some tall grass and was going out hunting.  On the next page, the cheetah was stalking a herd of gazelles, trying to single one out and separate it from the herd.  Another lesson about the circle of life was about to begin...

"Paula, why do they want to get one of the gazelles all alone?"

"So it's easier to catch. They try to choose one of the older or sicker gazelles."

"But, why would they want an old or sick gazelle if there are better ones?"

Good question... how am I to address this?

"Well, it's sort of like the way I can't run very well... because of my bad knee and broken leg.  You know how easy it is to catch me on the playground?  The cheetah is looking for a gazelle like me so it's easier to get dinner for her babies."

"Oh, yeah, and you're old too.  The cheetah could get you a lot easier than she could get us."

It was at this point that I realized I have reached a certain point of no return in my life.

I have become one with the gazelle!  


To top things off, when I arrived home from school, there was yet another invitation to join AARP awaiting me in my mailbox. Perhaps it's time to finally give in and become a member that club.  Maybe they can help me fend off the cheetahs for a little while longer.
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