Friday, January 28, 2011

Step Right Up, Chelle!

We have a winner!  

There were so many great names suggested for my new "White Elephant Kitty" from Melody that I had to take a week off and go to Florida to get Meowyn's input on the "name the kitty" entries and complete my deliberations.  In the end, the one that made us both guffaw was Mrs. Finkle-Bosom, submitted by Chelle from Coffee and Zombie Movies.

Mrs. Finkle-Bosom enjoys her new digs.

So, Chelle, step right up and collect your prize!  You're the winner of the my official BadAss Blogger award (brought out of retirement just for you) and a White Elephant gift of your very own (provided you trust me enough to send me your contact info.) 

Stay tuned for our new feature, "Mrs. Finkle-Bosom Says...", coming soon to How To Become A Cat Lady Without The Cats.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... a White Elephant?

Margaret over at NGIP suggested having a White Elephant Party to pass along some of those holiday gifts that are, well, white elephants.  Always up for a party, and having a house full of white elephants, I decided to play along.  I let Margaret know I'd be more than happy to send along some of my excess "treasure" to some lucky recipient.

Then one day last week a box arrived on my doorstep.  I was positively giddy with excitement!   Carefully pulling off the tape and opening the box, I was amazed at what I found...

Could it be?  A true rarity in the life of a Cat Lady Without Cats.  It appears that I have a new friend, Melody from Cooking Schmooking, who thinks I really do need a cat!

Danger, Will Robinson! 

Wait... don't panic!  It's only a pretend cat.  Not to worry!

So, thanks to Melody, I have become a cat lady... with a three-dimentional cat.  (Hope the kitty silhouettes don't get their noses out of joint over this.)  Sure beats an actual white elephant!  What should I name her?  (I figure it's a she since it has a pink nose.)  Please send along suggestions for the naming of my new companion.  I'll even send a white elephant prize to the person who provides the best name! 

Now, I wonder what mischief this little kitty will get into next... stay tuned!

Thanks, Melody!

* * * * *

If you want to know what I unloaded gave to the lucky recipient of my largess, you'll have to visit my new friend, Sparkle Cat. (Won't she be surprised when the moving van full of the rest of my crap pulls up at her house next week!) 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"You Could Do ANYTHING In That Hat!"

Although I've been basically home-bound for the past three months while my broken leg mends, I haven't been totally unproductive.  In order to keep my hands busy with something other than shoveling food into my mouth as I relax in my recliner, I decided to break out the old knitting needles.  Knitting is especially satisfying in the winter months when that afghan you are working on keeps your legs warm as you work.  (Note:  It also makes you look even more of an invalid.)

Most of the stuff I do is pretty mindless, requiring very few brain cells.  Knit, purl, knit, purl, etc., etc., until you run out of yarn.  However, my sister threw down the knitting gauntlet, which I picked up with only a tad bit of fear and trepidation.  Sending me a picture of a hat my niece, Ilsa, was coveting, I pondered how to create such a masterpiece of fiber.  Without any instructions on how to proceed, (other than the fact that Ilsa's head measures 21 inches,) I had my chauffeur take me to the yarn store to search for something that might work. 

Even though I had to rip it out five times before I got the gauge and shape corrected to my satisfaction, I completed the project and actually got it mailed it in time for the recent holiday celebrations.  (A major miracle as I'm not generally known for sending gifts, let alone sending them on time.)  And, for once, I even won the "Best Aunt" honors for my efforts.

Since then, Ilsa has gotten many compliments comments on the hat.  Some guy even went up to her in the Tampa airport and told her,  
"That's a great hat!  You could do anything in that hat!"  

I wonder what he meant by that?  And I bet you're wondering what the hell kind of hat would elicit that response.  Well, wonder no longer...

"Ja, jag är svensk, varför frågar du?"

So, the question remains... What would you do in that hat?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

That Was the Year that Sucked

That was the year that sucked,
It's over, let it go!
We're pleased to write it off,
But not as pleased as a CatLady we know!

And what a year it was....

January:  Otin outs CatLadyLarew and I am banned by NetNanny, which is actually a good thing in my opinion.
February:  My dog gets a valentine and I don't.
March:  I'm attacked by a one-eyed cat.
April: The month in which I'm abducted by aliens.
May:  Good month... nothing bad happens.
July:  We bid adieu to Hickory the Wonder Dog.
August:  Another good month... although Magpie Tales leave us Dazed and Confused
September:  I lose my blogging mojo.
October:  I discover it's not safe to go out when I break my leg.
November: I get grossed out by a delightful x-ray view of my mangled leg and a favorite aunt dies.
December: Squirrels invade my attic and Vlad's grandfather (of the eyeball in the refrigerator) dies on New Years Eve.

And so, as the sun sets slowly in the west, we say goodbye to 2010 and send out best wishes to all for a happier and healthier New Year in 2011.

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