Friday, October 2, 2009

You're Looking Fabulous, Dahling!

This week Happy Hour Friday is a "two-fer."
In addition to my regular post I'm includig a Pay it Forward Post.
Please be sure to read both and pass it on! Thanks! You'll be glad you did!

A while back I got this fortune in my fortune cookie widget:

Happy events will take place shortly in your home.

(Did you hear that, Otin? Perfect for Happy Hour Friday!)

Now, I'm too old for any "blessed events," so what could this mean? Then the answer came to me...
It was an award from Phillipia! She was the first person to follow my blog who didn't actually know me and owe me a favor. (Hah! Fooled her!) And after all this time not only has she remained a follower, she thinks I'm fabulous! What a happy day! I'm overflowing with joy at the moment because my fortune came true! Now I truly believe in the fortune cookie widget.

As with many bloggy awards, there are rules and regulations attached. To wit: I have to list 5 of my obsessions. (Being somewhat OC, it should be easy to come up with something.) And I have to pass it forward to 5 more fabulous bloggers (who don't already have this accolade.)

So, as to the obsessions:

1. I have to do a crossword puzzle before going to sleep at night. OCD! OCD! *points finger* I used to read in bed but had to give that up after years of staying up all night reading... just one more paragraph... just one more page... just one more chapter... just have to finish the book. *yawn*

2. Blankets... I love blankets! From the time I was a baby I've loved blankets. I have them all over my house and like nothing more than to curl up with one while I'm reading a book, watching TV or blogging. (At the moment I'm wrapped up in one of my favorite fleece blankets.) In fact, I love them so much I knit blankets for special people for special occasions. Vlad, who is 6'6" tall, loves that I custom knit his blankets so his feet aren't sticking out the bottom all the time.

3. I must have comfy clothes. Soft, well-worn, loose clothing is integral to my happiness. I can't wear new clothes until all the tags have been ripped out and until they have been thoroughly washed to remove any lingering dyes or chemicals. I rarely wear "girl clothes" unless absolutely necessary. (Like, say for job interviews.) So yes... I definitely dress like a cat lady. Important note: Comfy clothes should never be ironed.

4. My drug of choice is Dr. Pepper. While I talk a good line about drinking mass quantities of liquor, my true obsession is Dr. Pepper. And not that diet kind that Quirky likes. *icky face* I need pure, unadulterated Dr. Pepper. In other words, if I'm going to sin, I'm going to sin boldly!
5. I'm obsessed with teaching. Although I'm currently "between jobs," when I am working I put my heart and soul into it. I love transforming my room with the kids into a magical world that reflects whatever topic we're studying. I don't do anything half-way when I'm teaching. Which is why I'm a Connoisseur of Crap and why my house is a jumble of artifacts, books, costumes, etc. My obsession is also the reason why I decided to bag the Director's job to go back into the classroom.

So, now that I've completed the obsessions requirement, allow me to acquaint you with the award:

Now for the 5 bloggers who are even more fabulous:

Trodo: in memory of Sam
Skye: whose granola will soon become an obsession for bloggers everywhere
Nanodance: with whom I've spent many happy ours obsessing about things
Pearl: whose blog has become one of my daily obsessions
The Peach Tart: who has become a role model as well as a daily "must read"

Now go check out these fabulous women! And don't forget to say "Hey!" to Phillipia, who looks fabulous in her Carmen Miranda habit.


otin said...

I really do not like Dr Pepper. It is the one soda that I just don't drink, aside from Mountain Dew!

Anonymous said...

I believe that the "happy events" refer to the Lil' People showing up..... Otin likes the Lil' People....

CatLadyLarew said...

otin: I'm so disillusioned! How shall I ever recover from this news? (Does Quirky know?)

Jules: Hey! The Li'l People arrived on my doorstep just after I did these two posts! Watch for my "Thank You" post! Thanks!

Phillipia said...

I love comfy clothes and blankets; I read till I fall asleep or finish the book; but I do not like the taste of Dr. Pepper - at all....hope that does not put a damper on our friendship.

CatLadyLarew said...

Hey, Phillipia: I just noticed how much you and the woman in the award look like each other, (but she could use a little more fruit in her hat.) And don't feel bad about the DP... it's an acquired taste. I still love you anyway! (And if you don't like it, that means there's more for me.) Thanks for the award!

Anonymous said...

Seriously sad that a Snuggie blanket and a Three Moon Wolf T-shirt weren't mentioned !!!!

Skye said...

Thank you CatLady! I'll go and take care of the honors over at my blog shortly, now to try to come up with 5 things I obsess Not so easily done to be honest :D

Congrats to you on receiving the award and to all the others you passed it on to!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I'm a Coke addict myself. Not the powdered kind. The liquid kind with fructose corn syrup, which I'm sure is killing me.

Cool that you're fortune came true, and congrats on the award. Always nice to be recognized for your efforts.

Summer said...

I love comfy clothes and blankets. I don't like soft drinks though.

IndigoWrath said...

Hi CatLady! I salute your love of Dr. P; I chugged a bottle yesterday - delicious! Indigo

gayle said...

Just read this and I love #5 I would love for my grandson to be in your class!!

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