Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Stroll Through the Cemetery: Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami has a series called Sundays in my City and I thought I'd join the tour this week. When you're out for your Sunday blog walk, be sure to visit her to see who else is participating this week!

Since Halloween will be upon us before we know it, I decided to take you on a tour of...

Mt. Hope Cemetery

There's nothing like a stroll through the cemetery in early October to get your blood moving. Unless, of course, it's creeping through a cemetery Halloween night.  Nonetheless, Mt. Hope Cemetery is a popular destination for dog walkers and joggers in Rochester.  It has the distinction of being the first municipal cemetery in the United States and provides a home to the last earthly remains of some pretty awesome people.

For example, this  fine lady, whose name is synonymous with Women's Rights....

Susan B. Anthony's grave is unassuming and a little difficult to find if you don't know where it is.  In recent years they've added a little sign to point you in the right direction.

Upstate New York was a hotbed of rabble rousing women and the National Women's Hall of Fame is located not far from Rochester in Seneca Falls.

While Susan B. Anthony was a rather small, mousy looking woman, her voice was loud and strong!

Another Rochesterian with a strong voice was Frederick Douglass.  His physical stature was much larger than Susan's, as is his grave marker.

Frederick Douglass was a great orator, abolitionist and champion of women's rights who published the abolitionist newspaper, The North Star.  The paper's motto was:

"Right is of no Sex - Truth is of no Color - God is the father of us all - and we are all brethren."

A rather more obscure person, Buffalo Bill Cody's foster son, Johnny Baker, is also buried in Mt. Hope and it takes a real diehard to find his grave...  it's almost unaccessible, hidden behind a rather large mausoleum.  If I were him, I'd want my money back for the gravesite.  But then, I guess it's a little late to ask. 

Especially after these other folks moved in next door.  What's up with that?  (Epic fail on their unfortunate choice of tombstone fonts... I think they had to be Lawrence Welk fans.)

And the tombstone award for the most unusual name goes to:

Now there's a memorable name.  I bet poor Xzomia got teased mercilessly in grade school.

Xzomia's memorable name leads me to a memorable event. 
While we were at the cemetery these people showed up...  

Nothing says "auspicious occasion" like having your wedding at a cemetery.   Although they do have a swell gazebo for wedding photos.

With it's steep, wooded hills, Mt. Hope is a beautiful place to spend eternity.  As for me, I'd just as soon be cremated and have my ashes scattered under a beautiful beech tree like this one.  

So, I hope you've enjoyed this little trip through Mt. Hope.  Until next time at "Sundays in My City."


Mom of Three said...

That's a beautiful cemetery. I love the title of your blog!

Me-Me King said...

One of my sisters is a freak for cemeteries. Aside from the usual roadside attractions, we had to stop at least once a day so she could visit a cemetery on our family trips. Today, she still makes this a featured stop with her family.

otin said...

That is really pretty fascinating, I must say!

michelle said...

Very cool that Susan B Anthony and Frederick Douglas are buried there. And very odd that it's the setting for wedding photos. To each his own, I guess.

Maelstrom said...

Damnit, I timed it to be follower 100 and not even a mention....

Sonya said...

I'm really fascinated by certaing graves..the older ones mostly because they all have a story that I would love to hear. Here in the netherlands there are a ton of graves from WW2 and there is one that I see of a woman and her grave stone is nothing more than a chalk board with her name that was painted in white. The person didnt even know what year she was born,just the date. I wonder if a boyfriend buried her,maybe someone she just met. I dont know but I wish I could find out.
I love that you posted about this!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I love the wedding in the cemetery! How classic is that. Certainly one you won't forget! Stopping by from the Peach Tart. She recommends you, so you must be fab!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

A wedding?!?!?!?! That'll bring years of jokes to the happy couple.

This cemetery is lovely and filled with history. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good week.

IndigoWrath said...

Hi CatLady, you're braver than me - these places give me the willies. Pretty gazebo, tho! Indigo

Fragrant Liar said...

Fascinating. I have a bit of a thing for cemeteries, and I have no idea why. But I will not have my [next] wedding in one.

Came here from Peach Tart's blog.

Donna said...

That is a beautiful cemetery.It is amazing the excitment( maybe thats not the word for it)I know the word:That eary feeling you get when you see someones grave and look at the yr. on it.Now I'm going to go to bed thinking of grave sights.HA! Just kidding!HA!

CatLadyLarew said...

Mom of Three: Glad you like it... thanks for stopping by!

Me-Me: My parents and sister are more into the cemetery visits for genealogy purposes.

otin: It makes for a change of pace from the usual neighborhood walk.

michelle: As a matter of fact, the wedding party was having their pictures taken in front of the crematorium.

Maelstrom: Patience, my dear 100th Follower! I didn't want to dilute the honor by posting it on the same day as two other posts! It will be worth the wait, I hope. I'm honored that you timed it so well!

Sonya: There was an interesting marker from a Civil War soldier who died on a transport ship and was buried at sea. I appreciate it when they add little tidbits of information like that!

Lee: Glad the Peach Tart sent you over! A wedding in a cemetery is certainly more creative than the usual chapel or banquet hall.

Joanna: Hopefully they have a sense of humor! It is a beautiful cemetery.

Indigo: I like to live life on the edge! Dare, double dare you to go for a walk in a cemetery!

Fragrant Liar: There is something intriguing about cemeteries. Thanks for stopping by!

CatLadyLarew said...

Donna: I always find the ones with the writing that's been all eaten away from age & elements intriguing. When you see all the stones for infants and children, it makes you realize how far we've come in the last hundred years with advances in medicine.

Anonymous said...

I've been a cemetery lurker for years. I use to joke I slept 500m from Karl Marx. I lived near Highgate Cemetery were he permanently lurks. The best cemetery is in Paris where the inmates include Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. Jim is easy to find just follow the graffiti. Mao's bod slowly melting in Beijing is a hoot, so too the Popes of papal pasts in the Vatican .
I guess it is the closest you'll ever get to meeting them. Boo!

Unknown Mami said...

Oh my GAWD CatLady!!! I found this post fascinating. Who knew I would enjoy a cemetery so much?

CatLadyLarew said...

frigginloon: Pere Lachaise is on my list of places to see before I die. Of course, if I die while there if would certainly be convenient. Guess I should make that the final entry on my bucket list.

Mami: Glad you enjoyed it. Since Rochester doesn't have quite the cache of some of the other cities visited on Sundays in My City, I thought I'd go for something a little more unique to pique people's interest.

Me-Me King said...

You are a champion! Please stop by The Screaming Me-Me for your award.

Have a great day.

CatLadyLarew said...

Me-Me: Aw, shucks! Thanks, Me-Me! Life just keeps getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cat Lady, add the Pet Cemetery in Paris on your Bucket List too, that is way cool . Though I must say the tiny little coffins in reception gave me the creeps. But seriously it is worth a little look see. Most of the graves (which are ridiculously massive) have pictures of the deceased pooches and puddy cats on them.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I love old cemeteries and this is a very interesting post, especially the bit about Susan B. Anthony and Buffalo Bill Cody's foster son. Bill is buried in my state, Colorado.

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