Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Bob's #TEAMLAME" Day 8: Texture

Today's bathroom renovation tutorial is on "Texture".

Texture is an important, nay, critical part of tiling. If you don't get the texture of the adhesive just right, the tile won't stick.

The first step is to throw a mess of tile adhesive onto the floor and smooth it out with the straight side of your trowel.

Then you take the notched edge of the trowel and drag it over the adhesive on the floor in a couple of different directions before setting the tile into place.  Like this...

Renovating your bathroom is a long, slow, tedious process.  Very similar to the 30 Days of Photographs IV challenge.  It takes even longer when you keep stopping to try and figure out what the hell Mike and Ziva were thinking when they came up these prompts.  Feel free to stop by the Inferno to see how everyone else is faring.  Me?  I'll be busy adding a little more texture to that tile adhesive.
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