Friday, September 13, 2013

"Bob's #TEAMLAME" Day 13: Wrong

After a short detour to determine what a she-woman I am, it's time to get back to Boom Boom's Remodeling Tutorials.

Let's talk about HVAC.  What?  You don't know what HVAC is?  Then you obviously haven't been watching enough HGTV.  I learned everything I need to know from my secret heartthrob, Scott McGillivray on Income Property and that rascal Bryan Baeumler on Disaster DIY.

HVAC Tip #1:

The best way to understand how to do HVAC correctly is to see it done wrong.  Like ours was before we ripped it out.  Take a look and tell me what's wrong with this picture of what was beneath my tub/shower tile.

See that gray thing beneath the conduit holding the electrical?  That's the HVAC ductwork, spewing hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer onto your wet body about waist height as you're trying to take a shower.  That is so wrong.  Since we couldn't totally move the ductwork, I ripped out the lath above it and raised it up about 3 feet so it comes out above the tile.  Still wrong, but a vast improvement over how it was before.  Yes, I can do a minimum of HVAC work.  Because I'm a she-woman.

As for that conduit holding the electrical?  That's the light switch for the bathroom.  Also wrong.  But at least it is accessed from outside the bathroom door instead of from inside the shower.  Even people on #teamlame would know that would be an epic fail!

Now, head on over to Ziva's Inferno to see who else is tackling this latest prompt from Bob's 30 Days of Photographs IV the wrong way.
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