Friday, September 20, 2013

"Bob's #TEAMLAME Day 20: Transparent

After yesterday's scary electrical post, I figured I'd switch to something a bit more tame.  Today's 30 Days of Photography IV prompt is "transparent".

Most people like privacy when they are in the bathroom, so the word "transparent" doesn't really fit into the remodeling plan.  However, at the moment, the most important detail for maintaining privacy is beyond transparent... it's totally missing!

In order to put up the drywall we had to remove the door to the bathroom. The bathroom door is temporarily in the hallway outside the bathroom.

So now we have no toilet, no sink and no door in our bathroom.  The shower curtain is the only thing providing any privacy.  And it's semi-transparent as well.

But the good news... the floor is finished and we have walls again!  It's getting there...

* * * * * * * * *

Time to wander on over to the Inferno to see who else is offering up some transparency today.  No need to close the door on your way out.

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