Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... a White Elephant?

Margaret over at NGIP suggested having a White Elephant Party to pass along some of those holiday gifts that are, well, white elephants.  Always up for a party, and having a house full of white elephants, I decided to play along.  I let Margaret know I'd be more than happy to send along some of my excess "treasure" to some lucky recipient.

Then one day last week a box arrived on my doorstep.  I was positively giddy with excitement!   Carefully pulling off the tape and opening the box, I was amazed at what I found...

Could it be?  A true rarity in the life of a Cat Lady Without Cats.  It appears that I have a new friend, Melody from Cooking Schmooking, who thinks I really do need a cat!

Danger, Will Robinson! 

Wait... don't panic!  It's only a pretend cat.  Not to worry!

So, thanks to Melody, I have become a cat lady... with a three-dimentional cat.  (Hope the kitty silhouettes don't get their noses out of joint over this.)  Sure beats an actual white elephant!  What should I name her?  (I figure it's a she since it has a pink nose.)  Please send along suggestions for the naming of my new companion.  I'll even send a white elephant prize to the person who provides the best name! 

Now, I wonder what mischief this little kitty will get into next... stay tuned!

Thanks, Melody!

* * * * *

If you want to know what I unloaded gave to the lucky recipient of my largess, you'll have to visit my new friend, Sparkle Cat. (Won't she be surprised when the moving van full of the rest of my crap pulls up at her house next week!) 
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