Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vote for Mike!

It's down to the wire, folks!  Its the final week of Blog-Off 2010 over at Knucklehead's place.  For the past several weeks, a group of bloggers have been competing to be named King or Queen of the Bloggers.  There have been lots of great posts, but I'm here today to root for my friend MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings.

But don't take it from me... see for yourself.  Go over to Too Many Mornings and read Michael's post, I'm Leaving Las Vegas, But It's Not Leaving Me.  He'll give you the inside poop on where the phrase "What Happens In Vegas..." comes from.

Then mosey on over to vote for Mike at Knucklehead's blog!   But don't tarry... voting ends at 9 PM  Wednesday!  This is the final post in the Blog-Off 2010 and Mike needs your vote! Otherwise, you never know... what happens at your place may not stay there.

Just sayin'...
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