Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brad is a Cheater!

So... about the mysterious "Brad"...

Ever since my blogger friend Otin explained how the CatLady got her name,  I've been pondering the mythical spouse he assigned to me.   I laughed uproariously when I heard the name Otin gave my spouse.  Don't know why, but the name Brad cracks me up.  For some reason, I imagine Brad as a real noodge.  A spineless, clueless, boring wimp who is pleasant but unimaginative.  Someone who would collect antiques.

That all time favorite nerd...  Brad in Rocky Horror Picture Show

I'm actually spineless and rather boring myself, but I like to imagine that any potential spouse or love interest would have a bit more imagination.  Someone who would investigate a little further if his wife went missing.  Someone who would at least notice that his wife had turned into a cat.  (Hello!  I'm right here, you idiot!)  Someone more like this guy.

"Hmmm... I believe that adorable kitten looks familiar.  Reminds me of Larew. Could it possibly be her reincarnation?"
Picture of more intelligent looking, manly man taken from

Yesterday Otin wrote about Brad again.  Something about an Antiques Treasure Show.  Could this be the same Brad, my cyber spouse, who just gave up eternal life to grow old with another woman?  Cheater!  Doesn't Brad know he's still married to me?  Even if I am in cat form? 

Story of my life, I guess.  I used to have a dream that I was marrying the wrong person.  In this recurring dream, the person I married was my junior high school boyfriend.  I'd always wake up thinking... "but I never married him so why am I having these dreams?"  Turns out it was my actual spouse who I must have been channeling.  Now that I'm divorced, I don't have that dream anymore.  Go figure.  But that's a story for another time.  I've gotta figure out who that rat bastard Brad is cheating on me with.

There must be more to the underlying story going on here.  I'm guessing that the woman Brad is now giving up immortality for is the same wench who I was on my way to see to discuss her marital issues when I was summarily turned into a cat.  Could it be her marital problems were caused by her undying secret love for Brad?   Oh, please!  I just hope that Larew the Lady Cat got a chance to lick up some of that elixir of life so that she can continue to haunt Brad forever! 

Being a vindictive immortal feline bitch could be so much fun!


Note:  For those of you who just joined the party and are wondering what the hell I'm talking about... Otin's original story Cat Lady Larew, in which he explains how I got to be a cat lady without cats, can be found here.
Otin's latest story The Antiques Treasure Show can be found here.
Now go check out Otin... he's pretty awesome!
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