Monday, February 15, 2010

No, I Did NOT Slit My Wrists Just Because I Didn't Get a Valentine...

Despite all my moaning and groaning because my dog was the only one in the house who got a valentine this year, I ended up having a lovely Valentine's Day.  Vlad came home from college and we went out for a delightful meal, stopping for a cup of tea on the way home. 

In typical CatLady fashion, though, the day was not without incident.  I happened to be watching a friend's dog for a couple of days... a teacup chihuahua weighing in at about 4 pounds, compared to the Wonder Dog's 120 pounds.  It was kind of fun having a lap dog around for a change of pace.  She wasn't too thrilled about sharing the house with a big lump of a dog, though.  There were a few snarls before everyone got settled down.
Little Dog

Big Dog*

When Vlad arrived, he was delighted to see Ariel the Rat Dog, (as her owners lovingly call her.)  So while he was busy saying hello to her, I decided to take the opportunity to let the Wonder Dog out to do his thing.  Unfortunately, in my excitement to see my child, I wasn't paying close enough attention to what I was doing with my dog.

My knee slipped out of joint... (remember me falling down the stairs at Thanksgiving?)... and I fell forward down the two steps leading to the back door.  Putting out my hand to stop my fall, I managed to put my hand through the glass of the door...

Crash!  Bang!

Fortunately it did not necessitate yet another trip to the emergency room... but it came close.  Another smidgen deeper and I'm afraid I would have sliced open something rather important.

But even though I avoided the hospital this time, I have to tell you... people look at you very suspiciously when you walk around with your wrist all bandaged up.   Especially on Valentine's Day.

I wonder why these things happen to me on holiday weekends?  I'm beginning to think I need a keeper.  

Meanwhile, St. Patrick's Day is only a month away.  Uh oh...   I'll keep you posted!

*One of these days I'll have to clue you in to why my dog looks like he's wearing a bad toupee. 
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