Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simple Things

Chris at Enchanted Oak is doing a Simple Things Challenge this weekend. Post about simple things you cherish, link up and for each post or comment on her blog $2 will be donated to a medical clinic in Haiti. Perhaps it will help provide a few simple things.

Here's my Simple Things list to help with the cause and to make me appreciate all that I have:

It's not the big things, but the simple things that give my life meaning:

Vlad, my amazing child
Hickory the Wonder Dog
My cozy home of 25 years
Clean water to drink
Food to sustain me
Indoor plumbing
Meaningful work
A multitude of friends

Vlad once said to me, "You know, Mom, you are really rich because you enjoy what you do."
That about says it all!

Life is Good!
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