Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's the All-New Larew Biffle Bug Stride or Glide!

Oh, yeah!  It's the all-new Larew Biffle Bug Stride or Glide!

Larew Biffle Bug Stride or Glide
New for 2010!

Somewhere in the late 60's or early 70's my dad's cousin Gene decided to leave the bosom of his family, move south and set up a fishing camp in the Ozarks.  We visited them once at their resort.  All that I really remember of the trip was having to jump into their swimming pool to rescue my mother after the inner tube she was floating on started drifting toward the deep end.  (She couldn't swim and was afraid of water but wanted to cool off anyway.)  Then while I was changing into dry clothes, damned if cousin Gene didn't eat the piece of blueberry pie that I was planning on enjoying for dessert.  That vacation was the last I ever saw of cousin Gene and his family.  I suppose it's about time I forgave him for that slice of pie.

Well, it turns out that cousin Gene wasn't just hanging around fishing.  He was figuring out bigger and better ways to lure those fish onto his hooks.  He had this crazy idea for a fishing lure with salt embedded in the plastic of the lure itself.  Nobody believed it would work, but it turns out it worked pretty well.

"Gene Larew patented the salt impregnation process, so when we say "salt" we're not talking about shaking some in a bag of baits for anglers to see and calling it good. We cook it right in, where it stays for fish to actually taste. That's why salt is added in the first place, for fish to "taste," causing them to hang on longer. While salt in the bags might be good at catching fishermen, we'd rather our baits be known for catching fish."  ~from the Gene Larew website

The Larew Hoo Daddy - New Colors for 2010! 
(The blue is my favorite... very stylish!)

Eventually cousin Gene sold his company to some guy in Oklahoma, but the Gene Larew name is still on the lures.  I hear they're great for bass fishing.  (You hear that, Otie?)

 Biffle Bug Tail View

I mean, wouldn't you want to sink your teeth into that?
Yum... them Larew lures make good eats!  Salty!
Get yours today!
The CatLady receives no monetary compensation for pimping out Gene Larew lures... I think the family's still mad at me for being so bitchy about the whole pie thing.
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