Saturday, February 16, 2013

Music (30M2DoW: Day 16)

When the child was very small, his parents noticed that he was different than other children.  He watched them carefully and was always attentive to what they said and did.   But he never responded to their voices with words.

They kept waiting for the first babbles of communication, yet the babbles never came.  Their home remained quiet.  The raucous abandon they witnessed from children at play groups was foreign to them.  Their child remained silent.

Except for the music.  When music was playing, the child came alive.  He found his voice.

At first it was a bobbing motion as he rocked in his baby seat.  Then sounds began to emanate from his throat.  Amazingly, the sounds were in perfect pitch with the notes coming from the stereo speakers.

They were in awe of this tiny person who could not produce a spoken word, but who could create the sweetest of tones.

To them, it was a miracle.

To him, it was life itself.

It would be years before he spoke his first words, but his path was already laid out for him.  His world revolved around his music.  Music would sustain him, provide a career and lift him beyond the mundane.

His once quiet life became rich beyond words.

* * * * * * * * * *

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