Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And That's Why I Got Drunk... (30M2DoW: Days 25, 26, 27)

Fact or Fiction?  I followed the rules explicitly for this writing challenge.

The correct answer is fiction and because I didn't follow the rules explicitly, I ran right out to buy a t-shirt commemorating the event to assuage my guilt.  (Thank you, Indigo, for offering us that penance at just the right moment.)

(The t-shirts make Indigo and I look younger, thinner
and even more fabulous than we already are!)

What?  You think that's cheating?  Deal with it!

Yes, I've fallen a couple of days behind on the "30 Minus 2 Days of Writing" challenge.  May I be struck by a wheel of falling gouda on the way to work today.

But today's prompt?  "And that's why I got drunk..."  Surely, Nicky and CheesyMike don't expect me to go out and do something so outrageous that I would get plastered, snockered, shit-faced or (to put it a bit more elegantly) enebriated?  For shame, CheeseFreaks!  For shame!

I'm definitely waiting to have that experience at the "30M2DoW Survivor's Reunion".  It's all happening at Nicky's house.  Be there or be square!  And wear your t-shirt!  Date and time to be announced.

(Dufus, Indigo, Max, Eolist and I are already on our way since we don't like being late.  But not to worry... there's still room in the caravan if you want to join us!)

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