Saturday, March 27, 2010

Better Late Than Never: I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

I have been remiss in acknowledging a few recent accolades from blogger friends.  I sincerely hope that they haven't taken back their offerings in the time it's taken me to render a formal "Thank You!"

First up is Scotty over at Ergo Humor who gave me the Over the Top Award.  To see my answers to the obligatory questions that go along with this award, please go to this post.

Thanks, Scotty!  You're a bit over the top yourself... which is why I adore you!

Coincidentally, it was Mad Mad Margo over at The Screaming Me-Me who originally awarded me the Over the Top Award.  Me-Me does a mean captioning contest every week and her prize, the Golden Phallus eluded me for some time.   It took me awhile, but I was thrilled to finally be awarded the Golden Phallus two weeks ago....  here's the picture with my winning caption:

"Hmmm... to lube or not to lube?
That is the question."
Yeah, I'm going to hell.... but then what else is new?   Here's what I won:

Now, how could time in hell possibly not be worth such a prize?

Then there was the Holy F-ing Monkey Balls (HFMB) Award from Linda Medrano over at The Good, The Bad, The Worse.  My kind of award!

There aren't any actual requirements for accepting this award, but I would like to pass it along to Moooooog over at Mental Poo... don't know why, but this award somehow reminds me of him.  I also want to pass it along to Summer over at The Circus Has Come to Town, because every circus needs a monkey or two.

And that's not all, folks!  My dear friend Reffie, from Confessions of a Reforming Geek, awarded me the Sunshine Award:

Sweet!  Thanks, Reffie, for bringing sunshine into my day... both with the award and with your posts!

While not obligated to pass on the Sunshine Award, I would like to award it to a few more people who regularly bring sunshine into my life....

Jayne from In Jayne's World
Keith from iDifficult
The recently elusive Quirky from Musings of a Quirkyloon
John from Nonamedufus
Brian from WayStationOne

A day without these folks is definitely like a day without sunshine!   Here's wishing sunny days to all of you out there who are friends of the CatLadyWithoutCats!

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