Saturday, March 20, 2010

Motivate THIS! Homage to a BadAss Blogger

I've been a bit of a slacker lately... my posts are getting fewer and farther between.  That dastardly work has been taking up more and more of my time.  If only I could find a patron so I could stay home and be creative all the time.  I could get into that.   Do you think Bill Gates would be interested in supporting me?  Probably not, since I'm a Mac person. 

Anyway, in lieu of finding someone to support me in the style to which I have never become accustomed, I decided to buy my way into being motivated.  From now on, Moooooog is going to be held personally responsible for whether or not I post regularly.  How?  By luring me into spending actual money for some of his motivational paraphernalia at the Mental Poo shop.  Here's Vlad mugging with my new motivational mug:

 I even splurged and got myself a t-shirt from the Mental Poo store:

Yeah... The Midget Man of Steel from Mental Poo is outrageous!  He's about as politically incorrect as you can possibly get.  So why am I laughing?  I really shouldn't be, but I am.  Stop that, CatLady!  I mean it!  I guess you could say Moooooog is one of my guilty pleasures of the blogging world.  He's the one who turned me on to motivational posters.  So much fun!  So because I want to pay it forward... here's a BadAss Blogger award for Moooooog.  Wear it in good health!

Now to put on my Mental Poo t-shirt and top off that mug with some java...

CatLady out!
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