Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WTF Wednesday: #1

So, Hit 40 started a "WTF Wednesday" game over at Sane Without Drugs. I thought it would be fun to play along. After all, how many times a week do I think to myself, WTF? Those three little letters work so well for a prudish 50-something CatLady who still feels squeamish about actually saying the F-bomb out loud.

Anyway, I recently found myself among the millions of people battling to find gainful employment in the midst of a recession. I actually have some pretty awesome skills, but jumping through all the hoops to get to the point where I can actually tell somebody about my awesomeness is making me say WTF!?!

WTF is that all about, when you have to get fingerprinted and pass all these tests before they will issue you a teaching certificate in New York, but then once you have the certificate, they still want you to prove you've been fingerprinted and have taken the tests. I mean WTF?!!? Shouldn't the fact that I'm permanently certified (not to mention certifiable) prove that I've met those requirements?

WTF makes them think I actually put my fingerprint clearance and test scores in an easily retrievable place and committed that obscure place to memory after I got the coveted permanent certification? They never said I'd actually have to be able to produce them again!

WTF was I thinking when I said "no thank you" to a position for which I am not certified? Now I can't collect unemployment because I "turned down" a position.

Guess I'm feeling a little discouraged today. But not to worry....

I'm just going to go read some more awesome blogs... that always cheers me up! And it's time for all the caption contests! Life if worth living again! But WTF is with that crazy baby head picture on ettarose's craption contest today? Freaks me out! And makes me laugh! Thanks, ettarose! I needed that!

(To play along with ettarose's Caption Contest Wednesday, simply click on the scary baby head!)


Judy Schwartz Haley | CoffeeJitters.Net said...

the most dangerous thing you can do is put something in a "safe" place so you wont lose it. I lose things that way all the time.

This mess of an economy wont last forever. Things will turn around. Unfortunately, bureaucracy does last forever, and it just keeps getting worse.

The Peach Tart said...

Honey I'm right there with you.

Claudya Martinez said...

I always put documents away in a safe place so that I can easily find them later, but when I go to find them I can never remember where I put them. WTF?!

JennyMac said...

SO funny....and I love WTF Wednesday!

Helen McGinn said...

That's so rubbish. You turn down a job you aren't certified for and you get penalised?? Grrr. x

Vic said...

The world is so upside down, and education is no different.

Are we supposed to have papers and fingerprints? Hmm.... said...

Judy & Mamie... every time I clean I lose something, which is why I avoid cleaning whenver possible.

Peach Tart... thanks for being there.

Thanks, JennyMac!

Ms. McGinn... I have this crazy personal policy about not accepting jobs for which I'm not qualified. (Even though I find middle school kids lots of fun.)

Vic... Next they'll want us to be fingerprinted annually... just to be sure we haven't decided to become felons over the summer break. I've always heard New York was one of the toughest states in which to get certified. Maybe I should just move... might be easier!
Or get some P.F. Flyers, so I can run faster and jump higher... through all the hoops!

Bird Shit said...

I am constantly losing stuff. I think my best bet for now on is to just throw things out because if I put it away I'll never see it!

Pearl said...

Is that guy sweeping up around the giant baby's head?! Perhaps it's a leftover from some terrible parade?!


NJ Pigno said...

WTF stands for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday right? said...

Bird Shit and Baby Caca... Let's have a scavenger hunt!

Pearl... I love a parade!

Nanodance: Those are all the days I say WTF.

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