Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Camp or Not to Camp? That is the Question

The first week of January I went on line and reserved a couple of campsites for the summer. Now my first camping trip is a day away and the forecast is calling for thunderstorms the next 5 days.


With my pristine record of uneventful camping trips*,
perhaps I should reconsider.

The original plan called for launching my kayak from my campsite and paddling around the islands. Would that still be relaxing during a raging thunderstorm? Would I be blown off course before I would be hit by lightning? Rain and static always make my hair frizzy, so that could be hazardous.

Then there's the gentle flicker of the campfire at night that's so mesmerizing. A thunderstorm might make it a bit trickier to get the fire started and wouldn't necessarily be conducive to keeping the flames flickering. Smores might be out of the question.

Of course, there's always the peaceful serenity of gazing at the stars as I look out of the open flap of my tent. Perhaps if the flood from the rain doesn't float my airbed right out of the tent, there might be hope for that. At least then there'd be nothing between me and the stars... except for a few thunderheads

So, to camp or not to camp? What shall it be?

* For your further enlightenment, I suggest you consider the following blog entries: "Phantom Canyon", "The Great Smoky Mountains" and "Sweet Dreams", as well as the "Killer Raccoon of Kejimkujik."

1 comments: said...

"To camp" won out and all had a lovely time.

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