Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Brief Respite

Once a year I go south to visit my family.  A brief respite from the seemingly unending winter dreariness of Upstate New York.

Now, I love New York because it has such a wonderful variety of landscapes and seasons.  But, come late March, early April, snow, sleet and rain battle for supremacy, leaving you feeling cold and damp and miserable.  Things seem to get stuck like a smut on a CD and produce the same grating, high-pitched ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee on your psyche until you get up and press the button that makes the noise stop.  

So, we hop into Old Blue and start praying that she'll make the trip one more time.  Two days and 1,300 miles later, we step out of the car sans coats and socks and long pants and enjoy a breath of fresh air.  No Disney World or Busch Gardens or golf courses for us.  (Unless you consider walking Henry alongside the course at my older sister's gated community.)  My sister's lanai provides all the scenery I need.

Vlad enjoys morning coffee on the lanai.

Our gracious hostess, #1 Sister.
Henry has the right idea as far as catching up on his rest at "Grandpa's" house after celebrating his second birthday during the trip.

My dad adores his "grandpup".
We enjoy Easter Dinner with family, including the traditional Larew flaming ham.

Meowyn doesn't look at all nervous about catching her hair on fire. does she?
We hit all the local watering holes to sample the local fare.

Alfresco dining... what a concept!
Cousins hanging out at the pub.
Vlad rockin' the tourist togs.
Yes, it was a wonderful respite, but it ended all too soon.  We've been back for two weeks now and life has us in its tenacious grip once again.  We had a few days of spring with daffodils and hyacinths gracing us with their presence.  Then I woke up to snow this morning.  WTF?  Will this never end?  *sigh*

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