Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bad Moon (Blood Pressure) Rising

My parents were very successful in raising me to be a "nice" girl.  Sadly, they were a bit too successful.  Why?  Because when it comes to dealing with people, I'm often too nice for my own good.  In fact, I might as well have "SAP" tattooed onto my forehead.

I talk a good line like I'm all badass and shit, but when it comes to standing up for myself, I'm the world's biggest pushover and I have the blood pressure to prove it.  Especially this week.

With my change in jobs came a change in insurance policies.  So when it came time to pick up my prescriptions at the pharmacy two weeks ago, one wasn't ready yet they said, because with the new insurance it needed doctor approval.  Okay, I can deal with that.  I said thank you and went away.

A few days later I went back.  Still not ready because now they tell me it needed pre-approval from the insurance company.  Okay, I was seeing my internist in a few days anyway, so I could check it out with him.  I don't understand but I'm still all polite and shit.

So, off I go to the doctor who has a hissy fit because he had called in a substitute prescription that didn't need pre-approval a week ago and they didn't fill the prescription and my blood pressure is elevated because I haven't had the meds.  He sent the prescription over again.  No problem, right?

Wrong... on arriving at the pharmacy I'm told it's STILL not ready because the approval hasn't come through yet for the original prescription or the new one the doctor replaced it with because it turns out the new one needs pre-approval as well.  This time I get all sanctimonious as only a wimpy cat lady can. I firmly (i.e. not smiling) asked the pharmacy to call the doctor right then and there.  And she did...

Finally!  A victory for me!

....only to be put on hold while they went back and forth to see what needed to be done.  Finally she asks if I can come back.  Oh, yeah.  I'll come back... because I'm a wuss.  And people wonder why my blood pressure is high? 

Finally, I go back to the pharmacy for the fourth time and....

drum roll, please....

the prescription is still not ready.  The approval came through, but the insurance will only cover $30 of the cost, so they wanted to be sure I still wanted it.  WTF?  Do I still want it?  Do they know how badly my blood pressure is rising?  Of course I want it... damned the cost at this point.  She asked if I wanted to come back....

HELL NO!  I sat my fat ass on the bench and waited for another 20 minutes while they filled the prescription. 

It took four trips to the pharmacy and one trip to the doctor to get my meds.  And now I have to go back to the doctor for yet another time in a month to make sure the new meds are working properly. GRRRRR!

Just once I'd like to go into battle like these guys:

Yeah... that would be badass.
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