Monday, December 21, 2009

The HBDC Christmas Carnival Begins!

The HBDC Christmas Carnival is in town! And the timing is perfect! Just yesterday I decided it was (finally) time to get into the Christmas spirit. So I talked Vlad into going with me to chop down a Christmas tree. None of that pre-cut, needles-falling-off, kindling at the Boy Scout Christmas Tree lot for us! Every year we go to the same place, Stokoe Farms in Scottsville, NY, just south of Rochester. Being the he-man and she-woman that we are, we blaze our own trail to find just the perfect tree. Lucky for gimpy me, the trail that was blazed also has a tractor pulling a wagon to take you over the rough parts.
(Here's Vlad enjoying the tractor ride as his mother once
again embarrasses him by taking pictures of him in public.)

Success! After searching for about three whole minutes, we found the perfect tree. Isn't it amazing how, as you get older and the weather gets colder, it takes less time to agree on what's the "perfect" tree.

When you get back to the barn there are free home-made cookies and hot chocolate to be enjoyed. Definitely my kind of place!

For the younger set, there's a straw maze that is built out of several hundred bales of hay. It stands about 15 feet high and is filled with tunnels that kids can crawl through. Occasionally, some even find their way back out. They keep a guard at both the entrance and exit, though, to make sure the same number come out as went in. Spoil sports! We saw several parents trying to sneak away while their kids were lost inside. Vlad and I decided to forgo that part of the festivities. Truth be told, we just don't fit too well between the bales anymore. Not to mention the fact that that's one scary ass giant fake snowman in the picture... no way was I going near that!
(Straw maze photo is from Stokoe's website.)

Then it was time to strap the world's most perfect Christmas tree onto the top of the car, (those kayak straps come in so handy,) and wheel it on home, where the Wonder Dog awaited our arrival. He was so enthused, he actually woke up from his 18 hour nap to see what we were doing.

The tree we got is tall enough to touch the ceiling in the living room. Already the house is filling with the aroma of Douglas Fir. Now, on to the decorations...


The Peach Tart said...

Enjoy decorating the perfect tree.

nonamedufus said...

No wonder your pet was excited. You brought home a Dog-less Fur! Hav a great Christmas CL.

Anonymous said...

Note to Nomie: lay off the cheese Dude!

Sorry 'bout that Catlady. Will there be any cat decorations for the tree?

I hope so! I favor the hairball Christmas balls myself.

Heh heh heh

Jayne Martin said...

What a fun time. Wish I could have been there with you. Be sure and post a photo of your perfect tree.

Merry Christmas!

Elen said...

Hi i like the to become a lady cat without a cat...well...i have 20 cats at home here in Brazil if you want i give you half of it!
thank you any ways.i love your blog.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Now that I have a wood burning stove, I have a fake tree, but when I didn't, I can totally relate to the 30 second rule of finding the perfect tree.

It's amazing what took hours when younger takes no time at all.

gayle said...

Sounds like you are healing nicely. What fun picking out your perfect tree!!

JennyMac said...

Sounds like a blast...I remember the ritual of the family trek to the great woods in the Pacific NW to find our tree. Love that memory.

ReformingGeek said...

That sounds so fun! I hope you don't have to burn it to stay warm up there!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Cool, man! I suppose the dog may wake up again when once you finish decorating the tree?

Brian Miller said...

how cool. i have great memories of going to the tree farm every year with dad...they never had amazing things like hay bale mazes though. bet the kids would have a blast!

Anonymous said...

You're right. That is "one scary ass giant fake snowman."

Unfortunately, we can't have a tree with a cat who likes to knock ornaments off it. Not to mention our house is small and we really have no room for one. :(

But glad you could have one. :)

idifficult said...

That scary ass fake snowman looks exactly how I did when I got back from Oxford Street this evening. Obviously my arse is bigger, but...

CatLadyLarew said...

Peachy: Well, it's still not decorated, but maybe we'll get started this evening when Vlad gets off work.

Dufus: Dog-less fur... I love it! But wait... do I have to vacuum it?

Quirkster: I have an eclectic collection of ornaments... but I could really use some zombie ornaments, though.

Jayne: At the rate we're going, we'll be lucky if it's decorated by Christmas!

Elen: 20 cats????? That's some serious cat lady effort you're putting in down there! Can't wait to hear more about that!

Little Ms. Blogger: I would kill for a wood burning stove right about now... my toes are freezing!

Gayle: I can almost walk normally now. Yay! That's the best Christmas present of all!

JennyMac: I'm glad Vlad still wants to go cut down a tree with me. It's nice to hang on to those traditions even if it's just the two of us.

Reffie: That's the great thing about real trees... you can always use them for an awesome bonfire when you're done with them. (Preferably outside.)

Margaret: Amazingly the Wonder Dog knows every time a present enters the house that's for him. He'll stand in the kitchen looking up at the cupboard where it's hidden and whine. At least he doesn't eat the tree like goats would!

Brian: The hay maze is pretty awesome. I went in it a couple of years and it's pitch black in spots when you're in there! Kinda creepy!

unfinishedrambler: I have this thing about killer snowmen. They creep me out!

Keith: Wow! You must be getting some serious snow there! I would be more of a big ass than a scary ass snowperson, myself.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

"Isn't it amazing how, as you get older and the weather gets colder, it takes less time to agree on what's the "perfect" tree."

I love this line because this year, we found our perfect tree on the first take in less than 1 minute. In years past, it's usually taken 30-60 minutes, I've lost all feeling in my fingers and toes, and the Christmas spirit has moved somewhere warmer.

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