Sunday, November 15, 2009

Faerieland: Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami has a series called Sundays in my City and I'm joining the tour this week. When you're out for your Sunday blog walk, be sure to visit her to see who else is participating this week!

During my recent stay in the country I got to explore my friend's gardens with their hidden treasures. Now is the time of year that the gardens are being "put to bed" for the winter. But there are still things to discover... especially the faeries.

Some are in plain sight and others are hidden.

It's a treat to come across one of these.

One saves water in a flower for the birds.

Some are impish.

While others are more

Some faeries show the effects of the seasons, but have friends to keep them company.

Their expressions seem to change depending upon the time of day and the time of year.

And there's always the frog prince to keep them company...

All are a delightful treat to stumble upon!

Here's hoping that you'll find your own hidden treasures this week!


Sonya said...

Oh I really love the fairies and very well hidden they are:)Have a wonderful day!

Peterson Family said...

Those are so cute!

Jayne Martin said...

I love fairies!

Madame DeFarge said...

It's the time of year when I stare out the window and bemoan the absence of anything like a neat garden. I always promise to do something about it, but fail miserably. Maybe if I had these treasures, then I would.

otin said...

If I had anything like that in my yard, I would probably weed whack them! LOL!

JC said...

Those are cool ...

CatLadyLarew said...

Sonya: Happy Sunday to you, too!

Peterson Clan: Glad you like them.

Jayne: Fairies are much cooler than gnomes.

Madame DeFarge: I'm afraid I kill off everything in my own garden, so I gave up long ago!

Otin: That's probably what happened to the faerie with no arms!

JC: There are actually more of them about, but those were the ones I found on that day.

Eolist Petite said...

marvelous creatures they are.

Janice said...

That was such fun to look at!

ReformingGeek said...

I can imagine them coming alive at night. Wait. That's a bit scary. I love the froggie!

Thanks for the Sunday stroll.

Eternal Lizdom said...

What an enchanting visit to your city! Thank you!

Unknown Mami said...

And here I thought fairies did not exist.

I love the very first shot; it makes me feel like I snuck up on the fairy.

gayle said...

One day I want my very own!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a delightful garden! I smiled as I clicked and enlarged each one to get a better look. Thanks for sharing your Sunday.

The Old Silly said...

Love, seeking and finding those hidden treasures. thanks for sharing some of yours. Great shots!

Marvin D Wilson

Pearl said...

I love whimsical things!


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I love these fairies. (I debated how to say this without sounding dirty, but gave up and decided to play it straight. So to speak.) We don't seem to have anything like this in my decidedly dull suburban neighborhood -- including in my yard -- but I really wish we did. We had some great gardens when we lived in downtown Denver, though, and these photos remind of them. Very nice!

Me-Me King said...

I hang fish in my tree out back.

Sorry...that's all I've got.

Nina P. said...

There's a place in Ellicottville, NY called Sculpture Park.. (or at least that's what we called it when we were kids...I think it's Griffith Sculpture park or something) Anyway...You'd walk through the woods and never knew what you'd come upon. Abstract, lifelike, animals and creatures of all shapes and sizes... The most unusual was the fountain pond. There were life size female nudes all along the pond, and in the pond.. very interesting sculptures. Your "hide and seek" Fairy post made me reminisce a bit... Love and Light, Nina P

Anonymous said...

Fairies scare me, much like dolls. Oh and don't get me started on ventriloquist dolls!!!!!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

So Cute!

Mrsblogalot said...

Yeah fairies and clowns spend way too much time in my scary head. Now I am thinking of a fairy clown...omg

CatLadyLarew said...

Ms. Petite: Simply marvelous!

Janice: Definitely fun!

Reffie: So that's what those strange noises were coming from the garden at night!

Lizdom: Thanks for visiting!

Mami: Peek-a-boo!

Gayle: I have a few faeries of my own for my pathetic garden... not so many as my friend, though.

Joanna: Glad you enjoyed them!

Marvin: A little hide and seek for a Sunday afternoon!

CatLadyLarew said...

Pearl: Definitely full of whimsy!

Mike: You're allowed to like them without being creepy!

Me-Me: Would those be dead fish? I used to hang northern pike heads in the trees to dry them out! Just because they looked so cool! (Yeah, I'm weird like that.)

Nina P: I'll have to check out Ellicottville sometime. Sounds awesome!

Frigginloon: Ventriloquist dolls? Scary!

Miss BS & Miss BC: Almost as cute as the two of you are!

Mrsblogalot: Fairies & clowns together? That's just wrong!

Brian Miller said...

how cool. i bet kids and kids at heart would love to walk through finding them to keep them company along the way.

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