Thursday, July 5, 2012

Solo Camping

Once again I’m about to embark on a camping trip… by myself. 

Most people think that’s odd, or daring, or crazy.  I, on the other hand, think it makes perfect sense.  After years of jobs where I’m “on” 24-7, the idea of spending time away from telephones and computers always sounds like Nirvana.  I can do what I like when I like without having to take care of anyone else. 

I don’t backpack in the wilds, but rather go to state parks to find campsites that are relatively private while maintaining access to the basic amenities.  (Flush toilets and hot showers.)  That means going online six months in advance to secure the best sites.  (On the water for easy kayak launching and with plenty of trees for keeping the sun at bay and stringing a hammock between them.)

Bugs?  No problem.  I have my screen gazebo at the ready!  I laugh in the face of stinging insects!  (Or there’s always StingStop for the occasional mishap.) 

I have a respectable sized 4-person tent to accommodate my airbed and lawn chair.  I also have a little fan to keep the air moving within the tent.  After the sun goes down, I have a headlamp for reading in the dark. 

Dietary needs have all been accounted for.  I have my Coleman stove for quick coffee access in the morning, a marine cooler for keeping food fresh, my little hatchet for splitting firewood for my fire-grilled cuisine and my “roll-o-roaster” for perfecting the exquisitely browned marshmallow.  Oh… and my box-o-wine for after dinner consumption.

As for activities, I am perfectly happy reading, solving crossword puzzles and playing Scrabble on my Kindle.  The occasional walk or kayak outing take care of my need for physical activity. 

There’s only one think that might intrude on my tranquility this year….

Cleverly disguised as a well-behaved canine, this dangerous beast knows no bounds when it comes to fighting perceived evils.  Look out woodland creatures and fellow campers! 

It might not be such a quiet week after all.
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