Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Love You, Taco Bell...

Years of Dr Pepper excess have created a situation in which the CatLady finds herself just a tad bit overweight... plump... dare I say... rotund?  

But never fear!  It's Taco Bell to the rescue!

Yes, Taco Bell now has it's own diet plan.... and it's so quick and easy!  It's called


Heart be still!  (You bet it will be, what with all the extra cholesterol and grease.)

Now we're talkin'!

And just look at all the options they have....

The cheese, the sour cream, the beef, the beans, the taco chips!  (All I need to make the meal complete is a shit load of Bean-O.)

No more SlimFast drinks that taste like chalk.  No more Weight Watchers meetings!  No more exercise bike! 

All I have to do is drive to Taco Bell and pick up my delicious diet food.

I believe!  I believe!  Praise Jesus!  I believe!


I'll let you know how that works out...
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