Monday, October 12, 2009

That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Jenny Mac over at Let's Have a Cocktail has it all figured out. I mean, blogging is really like a cocktail party... except you don't have to shower and get all dressed up or anything like that... nobody cares if you show up in your pajamas looking and smelling like death warmed over.

Just think about it...

~You hang out with a whole mess of people.
~You listen to a lot of stories while sipping your own choice of cocktail.
~You engage in some witty repartee.
~You interrupt incessantly so you can tell your own obnoxious stories.
~You can claim that you know some really cool people and celebrities.
~You go home worried that you've said something really stupid.
~Your boss calls you up the next day to tell you you're fired.

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!
Is that a good time or what?


Lee said...


Anonymous said...

It's definitely a good time!

Good, goot, goooooot!

B.S. Oh my gawsh...your word veri bulshi!

Nicole @ said...

Lol. So true. I never thought about it like that. :-)

Nicole @ said...

Oh I meant to say before - I looooove Dr Pepper too! And I can't get it where I live. People here don't even know about Dr Pepper except for the catchy jingle they had way back when. said...

Lee: So, what's your poison today? Let's talk.

Quirky: My verification word is always bulshi! What can I say... it's me!

Mom of Three: Oh, you poor, deprived woman! Quirky and I will have to get right on this!

Mike said...

you forgot the last go home alone and ....oh never mind!!!! LMAO! said...

Otin: Please... going home alone? Oh yeah... never mind! BTW... I'm off to the Willow Manor Ball tonight... will we be seeing you there?

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