Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Secret Life on Facebook

I admit it... I'm a facebook fiend.  As a Cat Lady I don't get out much so I enjoy keeping up on the activities of the beautiful people in my life via electronic means.  In other words, it allows me to feel like I have lots of friends without actually having to leave the house to interact with them. And, yes, it does have elements of stalking associated with it.  Oh well... a girl has to have some vices.

Anyway, people on facebook frequently mention these wonderful, free opportunities to analyze your inner psyche by means of simple quizzes.  I recently took two of these just for my personal edification.   Here are my results:

Cat Lady completed the quiz "Which Car Suits Your Personality?" with the result Toyota Yaris.
You have a very normal personality.  You like things small, economical and do not like any surprises in life.  The Toyota Yaris should keep you as happy as can be!

Wow!  Right on target!  Now... if only someone would give me a nice, shiny, new Yaris like the one in the picture they showed with my results!  I could trade in my 14 year old Corolla and feel like I won "Queen for a Day!"  (If you remember that old television show... you've just been given a reality check about how old you actually are.)

Then there was...

Cat Lady completed the quiz "Which Crazy Bitch Are You?" with the result Courtney Love.
You are one wild bitch.  You love trouble and trouble loves you  You like to have a good time and won't let anyone get in your way.  Sometimes you seem like you are perpetually trapped in a childhood mentality and you take alot of flack from alot of people for your carefree ways.  Nevertheless you care alot about the people close to you and if anyone messes with you or the ones you love you will fuck them up.  You can rock out with the best of them and won't let anyone tell you otherwise.  You are this perfect balance between girly chick and tough chick.  You are blatantly honest and sometimes people can find this a little hard to take but you really don't give a shit.

Hmmm... somehow this one doesn't sound quite right!  I mean, Courtney Love?  WTF? 

It definitely seems too brash for a cat lady.  Should I go back and review my answers?  They most assuredly didn't have cat lady's demeanor in mind when they created this little quiz.

I occasionally have my wild moments and I can agree with being trapped in a childhood mentality... would I have become a Kindergarten teacher otherwise?  

And I can be carefree... when I'm not being neurotic about everything in life.  

And often I really don't give a shit about a lot of stuff.

I do think I have a long way to go before I could be classified as either a "girly chick" or a "tough chick".  

Being a Cat Lady would seem synonymous with the term "Crazy", and we cat ladies may have our bitchy moments, but COME ON!  I'm not frequently known as someone who will "f" you up if you mess with me and my friends.  At least not in a blatant way.... I'm much more passive-aggressive than that!  (And I'm still a prude and have difficulty using the "f" word out loud.)

And as for rocking out with the best of them... maybe back in my college days.  However, a herniated disk and ripped out knee have slowed me down considerably in that department.


I will probably continue to take the silly quizzes on facebook.  A Cat Lady needs something to while away the hours, after all.  Like everything else in life, though, I'll definitely take them with a grain of salt.  

But if you see me rocking out on the dance floor, messing people up... at least you'll know why.

3 comments: said...

I couldn't help myself... I just HAD to take a another quiz. You'll be happy to hear that my cowboy name is Dusty "Snake-Bite" Jones. I think that's apropos, considering all you learned about me in my earlier blogs! said...

Now this one I can live with as well.... What will you be in your next life? One step closer to omnipotence!

Your Result: Meta-Sequoia Redwood Tree

Your wisdom in this life plants your roots deep in the next. Your life expectancy is 1,000 years, and you work in harmony with your environment, enriching the earth, providing homes for wildlife, and giving humans an aeon-rich perspective on the transience of life. If you thrive and grow in this incarnation, next you may be ready for god status!

NJ Pigno said...

I agree. Cat Lady, the crazy bitch description doesn't suit you. Face it. You are just not a crazy bitch at all.

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