Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Duper Contest for Followers!

This is it, followers!  Your lucky day!  

I'm announcing the first annual... 


Woo Hoo!!!!

Now that I've regaled you with tales of super-horrible camping trips, you get to chime in with your favorite.  

Which one do YOU feel is the actual worst one?  Which one do you think strikes the most fear into the hearts of manly men?  Which do you think gives me, the cat lady, the best reason for never leaving the house?  Or do you have your own tale of an even more harrowing camping experience?  

Please state your reasons why you think your choice is the best, (or the worst as the case may be.)  Entries can be made by commenting on your favorite post.

I will personally judge the entries and the person whose reason has the most merit will win.....

TA DAH!   

Wait for it...


Yes, you too can go on your own personal camping adventure with the cat lady.  (We'll even take the cat silhouettes with us to scare off snakes.)  Let's make new memories together!  But only if you dare!  Camping with me is not for the faint of heart. 

*(Should you choose not to accept the award, you may always select the alternative prize... 10 construction paper cat silhouettes for your windows.)

I anxiously await your entry!


P.S.  You too, can become a follower.  Just direct your eyes to the left side of this page and notice the Followers section.  Yes, that's it... the one with the picture of the pretty lady in the hat, the cartoon, the kitty, the young girl who posts her own rantings, the monkey and the outlines of people from the "10 Most Wanted" list.  (You may have noticed their pictures before at the post office.)  Simply click on "Follow this blog" to join!  After all, you wouldn't want to miss out on any exciting contests or anything!


NJ Pigno said...

I vote for the raccoon one. Seriously, raccoons are terrifying. Big-ass raccoons throwing their bodies against a door trying to eat your dinner are especially terrifying.

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