Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tag, I'm it!

I was tagged twice this week by some exceptional boggers...   Annie, also known as Eolist Petite, and Keith, otherwise known as iDifficult.  They both captured this award from our mutual friend, Indigo Roth and deemed me worthy of the recognition as well.  Since they each gave me a different question as part of the award, I shall address each one separately.  (That way I don't have to think as hard and they'll also get full value from their tags.)  Today I shall step up to the challenge posed to me by iDifficult.  Here goes...

Mr. Difficult would like me to "Name seven fictional cars or other vehicles you'd have liked to have driven and explain why."

1.  I'd definitely want to pilot the Wayback Machine.  Move over Mr. Peabody!   Break out the horn-rimmed glasses and I'm ready to speed back in time in that bad boy!  I love historical fiction, so in this case I could make up my own!  First destination:  Ancient Egypt!  (Now with invisible zebras!)

2.  Next on my list would be the Nautilus.  I loved the way that big eye opened up in the side of the olde timey submarine originally piloted by James Mason as Captain Nemo in the Disney version of Jules Verne's epic story, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.    Although, since this question comes via iDifficult, it would probably be a giant squidrel that would attach itself to the outside of the Nautilus.

3.  A jet pack would be a nifty vehicle to use for riding around town.  Remember James Bond in Thunderball?  I could beat the traffic down below and speed to wherever I wanted to go.  I'd probably need asbestos underwear, though.

But seriously, how cool would that be? 

4.  And that video clip reminded me of another vehicle I'd like to drive... the Jetson's car!  "Meet George Jetson!  Jane his wife!  His cool flying car.... " (I really think the car should get more credit in the song.)  

5.  My next choice would be a glider, although it's not fictional.  Soaring quietly over the earth, catching the air currents would be pretty awesome.  However, I'd probably be scared shitless, which means I'd need to take along some clean underwear for tidying up later.  (Perhaps the asbestos underwear that accompanies the jet pack could do double duty here.)

6.  A hot air balloon like the one in Around the World in 80 Days would be another choice.  Those Montgolfier Brothers had the right idea!  I'd be scared, but I think I could handle it.  

7.  And finally, since I haven't had a mid-life crisis yet, I'd like to get behind the wheel of this little number....

 I always thought it would be cool to have a little roadster, ever since I read Nancy Drew books back when I was 12.  Nancy Drew was definitely quality fiction!  Look out, Ned Nickerson!

So, that's it for the seven vehicles I'd like to drive.  

Meanwhile, Ms. Petite still wants to know  "What /Who/ and/or Where would I be if I could choose my own destiny?"  Heavy!  Tune in tomorrow to find out my response to this burning question. 
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